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    Spelling:  Week 1:  organization, organize, emergency, appreciative, appreciate, sincerely, sincere, athletic, athlete, extreme, practical, proceed, cordially, cordial, character, separate, February, activities, activity, active
    Spelling:  Week 2:  actual, actually, angular, angle, antique, anxiety, anxious, average, bicycle, bouquet, calendar, centuries, century, climate, composed, composition, consequence, corner, cotton
    Spelling:  Week 3:  countless, count, dependent, depends, depend, diagram, disease, elementary, element, empty, environment, equivalent, equality, equal, everyone, everywhere, exclaimed, exclamation, experimental, experiment
    Spelling:  Week 4:  expression, factors, fatigue, foreigners, foreign, frequency, frequent, gradually, gradual, isthmus, level, library, model, moment, mosquito, muscular, muscle, narrow
    Spelling:  Week 5:  naturalist, naturally, natural, nature, nonsense, observation, observatory, observe, occurrence, occurred, occur, opposition, opposite, phrase, practice, process, production, productive, product, program
    Spelling:  Week 6:  resourceful, resources, resource, rhyme, rhythm, rhythmic, routes, safety, scale, scientific, scientists, secrecy, secret, sections, square, standard, structure, substantial, substance
    Spelling:  Week 7:  tongue, triangle, variety, vehicle, vicinity, volunteer, welfare, yacht, immediate, convenient, convene, receipt, preliminary, disappoint, especially, special, annual, committee, commit, adjective
    Spelling:  Week 8:  advantage, affect, Africa, altitude, ancestors, Antarctica, applied, applying, apply, architecture, Arctic Ocean, artificial, Asia, Atlantic Ocean, Australia, beneficial, benefit, boundaries, boundary, brilliant
    Spelling:  Week 9:  characteristics, Chicago, chocolate, civilization, civilized, civilize, civil, colonel, congress, contagious, continental, continent, depth, description, descriptive, development, develop, diagonal, diameter
    Spelling:  Week 10:  effective, effect, employee, employ, England, English, enormous, essential, Europe, eventually, exchange, existence, exist, exploration, explorers, explore, exquisite, familiarity, familiar, family
    Spelling:  Week 11:  forth, fourth, fractional, fraction, guard, horizontal, Illinois, imagination, independence, Indian Ocean, industrial, industry, intlligent, interior, invented, invention, latitude, latter, Lincoln
    Spelling:  Week 12:  longitudinal, longitude, machinery, machine, magazine, mirror, mistaken, moisture, moist, North America, occasionally, opportunity, opportune, Pacific Ocean, parents, peculiar, perpendicular, persevere, reproached
    Spelling:  Week 13:  reverence, reverent, revere, rinsed, rinse, sequence, series, similarities, similarity, similar, South America, treachery, typical, type, vertical, decision, decide, principle, accommodate
    Spelling:  Week 14:  accuracy, accurate, approximate, commence, commercial, commerce, communication, communicate, complex, conclusion, construction, construct, conversation, converse, counterfeit, cultural, culture, curiosity, curious
    Spelling:  Week 15:  desert, dessert, digestible, digest, Egyptian, Egypt, electrons, equatorial, equator, equation, equate, expensive, explanation, extension, extensive, extent, extend, immense
    Spelling:  Week 16:  introduced, introduction, invisible, leopard, literally, literary, literature, literate, manufacturing, manufacture, Mediterranean, memorable, memorial, memorize, memory, mentally, millionaire, minority, minor
    Spelling:  Week 17:  negative, negate, numerical, numerous, numeral, operation, operator, operate, orchestra, original, originated, origin, parliament, perceived, perceive, performance, perform, permanent, positive
    Spelling:  Week 18:  precipitous, precipice, previous, presence, presents, primitive, primarily, primary, prime, professional, profession, projection, projector, project, qualities, quality, quantities, quantity, research
    Spelling:  Week 19:  resemblance, resemble, recommend, relationship, relation, relate, restaurant, scarcely, scheme, seized, seize, selection, simplicity, simplified, simplify, simple, submarine, marine, superintendent, surgeon
    Spelling:  Week 20:  telescope, territorial, territory, thoroughly, tremendous, judgment, judge, recommend, recommended, allegiance, allege, abyss, acquaintance, apologize, appropriate, appropriate, cantaloupe, cauliflower, cemetery
    Spelling:  week 21:  chandelier, financier, chauffeur, combustible, conscientious, discernible, discern, discipline, dispense, dissension, dissent, dramatically, dramatic, drama, economical, economic, economy, eliminate, efficiency, efficient
    Spelling:  Week 22:  embarrassment, embarrass, endeavor, enthusiasm, extraordinary, fatiguing, fatigue, formally, formal, frontier, guarantee, guitar, humorous, humor, impressive, impression, impress, incessant, Israeli, Israel
    Spelling:  Week 23:  league, mathematical, mathematics, military, militia, miscellaneous, mischievous, mischief, mortgage, municipal, neutral, Europe, pneumonia, lieutenant, occurrence, parallel, percentage, percent, persistence, persist
    Spelling:  Week 24:  physician, porcelain, privilege, proficiency, proficient, recipe, reflected, rendezvous, resistance, resist, rhapsody, rhinoceros, rhubarb, salmon, satellites, satisfaction, satisfactory, satisfied, satisfy
    Spelling:  Week 25:  shelves, shelf, solar, souvenir, sovereign, species, specifically, specific, specified, specify, sufficiently, syllables, syllable, technology, techniques, technical, theory, tortoise, tranquillity, tranquil
    Spelling:  Week 26:  unique, university, universal, universe, vacuum, vaguely, vague, victorious, victory, violence, violent, xylophone, beneficial, benefit, mischievous, mischief, pneumonia, lieutenant, boundaries, boundary 
    Spelling:  Week 27:  hydroelectric, energy, turbine, generator, ecosystem, community, niche, diversity, symbiosis, parasite, chromosome, nucleus, vascular, phloem, conservation, succession, nitrogen, species, extinction 
    Spelling:  Week 28:  cemetery, coarse, course, accept, except, exquisite, thoroughly, proficiency, assure, tortoise, bicycle, expense, official, orchestra, appropriate, independent, convenient, secure, pneumonia 
    Spelling:  Week 29:  automobile, demote, locomotion, mobile, mobility, mobilize, motion, motivate, promote, removal, aggressive, centigrade, degrade, digress, gradual, graduate, progress, progression, regress, upgrade
    Spelling:  Week 30:  apposition, composed, depose, deposit, expose, imposition, juxtapose, post, proposal, transpose, assessor, session, president, reside, residence, sedan, sedate, sedative, sedentary, sediment