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    6th Grade Policies and Procedures
    Students are to come to class prepared to learn and participate every day; this includes bringing all necessary materials (textbooks, a learning log, an A/R book, and assignments).
    Students should immediately sit in their assigned seat when entering the classroom.  It is extremely important to be on time.  Students must make sure their teacher knows exactly where they are (there is a “Where are you?” sign in/out sheet for record-keeping).
    Homework has been recognized as an important aspect to foster academic achievement.  It will be utilized as a supplemental resource opportunity for students to complete class work and practice concepts.  This allows for independent skills to develop, and initiates responsibility.  There should be an average time of about 40 to 60 minutes of homework daily.  Students are expected to spend 15-30 minutes in additional reading.  All homework is due the following day unless otherwise specified.  Homework is not usually given on Fridays.  Work may be given back to the student if it is missing a name, the four-line heading, or necessary "work"; this may result in a late mark in Infinite Campus.  Please assume I have not seen the assignment if there is not a stamp or check of some sort on the paper; make sure to check Infinite Campus before recycling graded work.  Assignments given more than one week in advance are considered "long term".  If a student is absent on the due date, the assignment will be due at the beginning of class the first day the student returns.
    Absent Work
    When a student is absent, the due date for missed work will be determined by the number of days the student has missed.  It is the student’s responsibility to gather their make-up work.
    Study Hall
    Study Hall will be held on specific days of each week to offer academic assistance and to allow additional time for students who need/want help completing their regular class work.  Study Hall begins right after school.  Students are welcome to bring siblings (with parent/guardian permission).
    I believe all students can choose to behave appropriately.  Our classroom will create rules to fit within good character traits.  Students have the right to learn without interference from others.
    For students who behave appropriately, a positive consequence such as the following will be given:

    ü      Verbal praise

    ü      Sticker

    ü      Note/call home

    ü      Small treat

    ü      PRIDE celebration 

    If a student is not behaving appropriately (including not finishing assignments, missing parent/guardian signatures, etc.), a consequence such as the following will be given: 

    ü      Reminder of the rule

    ü      Warning

    ü      Practicing the correct behavior

    ü      Incident report/Teacher conference

    ü      Loss of PRIDE letter

    ü      Action plan

    ü      Parent/Guardian notification

    ü      Principal conference (continued minor incidents or one major incident)


    Grading Policy

    Grades reflect each individual student’s achievement and effort. 

    ACHIEVEMENT                                                                       EFFORT

    A  -  90  -  100%    Excellent            MS - Meets Standard    E  -  Excellent

    B  -  80  -    89%   Above Average    P -   Progressing             S  -  Satisfactory

    C  -  70  -    79%   Average              AC – Area of Concern     I   -  Improving

    D  -  60  -    69%   Below Average                                         N  -  Needs Improvement
    F  -  Below  60%    Failing