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                               Discovery Channel
                                                          Comparison of Planets
    W2:  Studying the Earth:  National Geographic     
                                            Sights and Cultures Around the World
    W3:  Earliest Humans:  Prehistoric Peoples and Life
                                                                    Virtual tour of the Cave of Lascaux (French)
    W4:  Historic Times Begin:  Seven Wonders of the World
                                                                               Code of Hammurabi 
    W5:  Purple People of Phoenicia:  Phoenician Alphabet
    W6 & W7:  Life in Ancient Egypt:  People and Places
                                                                                               British Museum
                                                                                               Clickable Mummy
                                                                                               Ancient Egyptian Monuments 
                                                                                               Egyptology Online
                                                        The Children's University  
    W8:  African Kingdoms:     Camels
                                                                            African Folktales
    W9:  Ancient Israelites:  Virtual Museum
                                                                     PBS Heritage
                                                                     Kids Past
                                                                               Solomon's Temple
                                                                               Jewish Virtual Library
                                                                               The Temple
    W10 & 11:  Ancient Greece & Greek Civilization Flourishes:  British Museum
                                                                                                                                                                     Greek Mythology
    W12:  More Worlds to Conquer:  Alexander's Biography
                                                                                           Alexander's Life
                                                                                            Map of Empire
    W13:  Ancient India:  Indus River Valley
                                                            Mahenjo Daro
                                                             Taj Mahal
    W14:  Ancient China:  Mr. Donn
                                                                Museum of Qin Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses
                                                                Forbidden City in Beijing
    W15:  Ancient Japan:  Country of Japan
                                                                Japanese Temples
    W16 & 17:  Ancient Rome:  BBC
                                                                              Gods and Goddesses                                                                 
                                                              Kids Konnect
                                                                             Roman Forum
                                                                              Model of Roman Forum
                                                                              Roman Gladiator
                                                                              Gladiator Game
    W18:  The Barbarians:  Attila
                                                                    Constantine the Great
                                                                    Roman Empire
    W19:  Christianity:  Tools of Medieval Scribes
                                                         Medieval Writing
    W20:  The Islamic Empire:  Mosques and Shrines
     W21:  The Middle Ages:  Castle Learning Center
                                               Think Quest

    W22:  Crusades Bring Change:  Swords and Sandals Crusade
                                                      Think Quest

    W23:  Age of Exploration:  Heavens!  My Ship!
                                             Think Quest
                                             Walk the Plank   

    W24:  Maya, Aztec, and Inca:  Mesoamerican Ballgame
                                                   Machu Picchu

    W25:  Rebirth of Learning:  Renaissance Connection
                                              Become a Spice Trader
                                              Life in Elizabethan England
                                              What Every Schoolboy Knows

    W26:  Reformation:  The Reformation
                                    Martin Luther
                                    Saint Joan
    W27:  Oceania:  Australia
    W28:  Wrapping it Up:  Science Spot
    ourcourts.org - for games relating to our government and courts

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