General Information

  • JUST WORDS is a

      program designed by Wilson Reading Systems® to develop reading skills and fill gaps for students from 4th grade through adulthood
     We are focusing small group instruction on review of the spelling guides for phonetic structures and  practice with multiple modalities. 
    As well, we will work on the KU Sentence Writing Strategy with the four types sentences and identifying proper verb and subject agreement. We are analyzing growth throughout the year and tracking progress. We are also using discussion protocols and inquiry activities.
    Computer programs independent rotation will incorporate programs like Google Docs and others. 
    Additional Info
     Homework, and parent communication, will be written in the student's agenda.
    We will be covering Arizona's college and career readiness language, reading, speaking, and writing standards in these classes. There will be assessments to show growth at the end of each Unit which will serve as many of the summative grades for this class. Students are assessed and graded based on mastery level assignments using four point scales for these standards.
    We will be showing growth through Marzano style learning goals and scales which are self- analyzed by the students, as well as documented through Infinite Campus.