• Suspension bridge project  (2011-12)
    Students were tasked with designing and building a bridge using balsa wood, glue, and string capable of holding 200lbs. at the center of the span.  Total bridge length was 6ft and successfully sustained all designed loads with no failures.  Below is the final presentation outlining the project.  Bridge dimensions are:  L=6ft, W=18", H=40".  Mass~5lbs.  Total project time ~4.5 months with an entire class of 23 engineering students working on it.
    Epic Suspension!  
    Arch bridge project  (2012-13)
    This assignment was to implement  a bridge with a load bearing arch below the road deck. The form factor for this bridge was chosen to emulate the Pat Tillman Bridge at the Hoover Dam.  The finished bridge withstood static load up to 215lbs without breakage.  Bridge dimensions are:  L=3ft, W=1ft, H=18".  Mass=4.4lbs.  Total project time ~3 months with an entire class of 20 engineering students working on it.
    Awesomeness!  Held 215lbs. no breakage!  
    Suspension/Arch bridge project  (2013-14) 
    This project was inspired by a pedestrian bridge over US60 between Rural Road and Mill Ave. in Tempe, AZ.  The goal was to suspend the road deck below an arch and hold 215lbs.  The final product met the load requirements without any failures.  This bridge had the most challenging specs and intricate topology to date. Bridge dimensions are:  L=3ft, W=22", H=15".  Mass=3.9lbs.  Total project time ~3 months with an entire class of 15 engineering students working on it.
     Most intricate bridge yet.  Held 215lbs., no breakage!
    Draw bridge project  (2014-15) 
     Students are tasked with building a 3' x1' bridge capable of holding a static load of 215lbs at mid-span.  The road deck must move to accommodate "river traffic" below it.  The road deck movement is implemented with motors and controllers from LEGO robotics kits.  The first picture is a load test of the road deck without the suspension strings.  Load is ~75lbs.
     Initial load testing of road deck without suspension
     Here is a team photo of the class that built the bridge:
    Team photo with finished bridge  
    Below is a short video showing the lowering of the road deck.

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