Library classes are scheduled during a 6-day rotation.  During library, students receive grade appropriate lessons based on adopted library standards, as well as time to check out books!


    Library Policies

    Book Circulation
    -- Kindergarteners may check out one book per 6-day rotation.
    -- 1st - 6th may check out two books per 6-day rotation.
    **Exception: If students need books to support classroom work, research, or projects, they are permitted up to three books.
    Students are expected to return or renew all books that they have checked out each time that they come to their regularly scheduled Library class. Library is scheduled on a 6-day rotation.  Check with your student's classroom teacher to find out specifically when your student's class is scheduled. Students are allowed to visit the Library to return a finished book and check out another during open Library time when it is not their library day (with permission of the teacher to leave the classroom).
    Lost/Damaged Books
    When a student checks out a library book, it is the responsibility of the student to return the book in good condition. Students with outstanding fees for lost or damaged books will not be able to check out new materials until the fees are paid. Books may be paid for online using Infinite Campus.

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