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    Sorrell – English 11



    All students must register by Tuesday, July 29 (20 pts).

    If you were registered last year, you will already be registered in the system and will not be required to create a new user name/password. However, you will need to log in and select “Enroll in Class” – and enroll in this class.

    • If you are new to Turnitin.com, you will need an email address. If you do not have email, you will need to set up an account (it’s free) – see the librarian for instructions.
    • Go to www.turnitin.com and follow the prompts. Instructions are fairly clear at the website – simply fill in the required information.
    • Please navigate the website so you have a clear idea of exactly what it means to plagiarize.

    Work not uploaded to Turnitin.com by the due date will not be graded (see syllabus).

    • When I close an assignment, I will not re-open it due to lateness.
    • Yes, “technical difficulties” (internet/printer issues) will make your work late and cause your grade to suffer. Problem solve and plan ahead!! Utilize your resources (peers/family/friends/library/lift lab).
    • Refer to your ethics agreement and consider why this service is used. Be honest and work with integrity. Your name is on this work and is a representation of you…present your best!!


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