• Learning
    We utilize research based programs that provide a different way for our students' to learn.  Below you can read a brief discription of each program.
    Visualizing and Verbalizing
    This program is great for teaching students to visualize (see images in their minds) and verbalize (say it with words).  This program is for building language comprehension and thinking.  This impacts the students' reading comprehension and extends into their written expression. 
    This program is focused on phonics and teaches the students how to read and spell words.  They also will work on fluency and comprehension.  
    Wilson Reading System
    This is our newest reading program.  It's a program that helps students to decode and encode words.  It gives them the strategies to read unknown words.  In addition to gaining decoding skills, it works on reading fluency, comprehension, and spelling.   
     Just Words
    This program focuses on decoding and learning the 6 syllable division rules.  This program focuses on students in grades 4-8.  It helps the students learn how to decode words, which will improve the fluency and comprehension of reading material.  It's part of the Wilson Language program and researched based. 
     Write From the Beginning
    This writing program utilizes the thinking maps to produce quality writing pieces.   The students learn how to go through the writing process using thinking maps.  We begin instruction depending on what the students need to become a writer.