• Chamber Orchestra

    Chamber Orchestra meets during 4th hour on Day 1.  It is made up of the more advanced students,which are all 8th graders.  An audition is required for this orchestra.
    For your Practicing Pleasure
    *****It's Playing test time!*****
    Your recorded playing test is due to Ms. Jones no later than midnight April 24

    1st Violins:

    Pirates 67-77

    Greatest Showman 162-170

    Remember Me 10-18

    2nd  Violins:

    Pirates 84-97

    Greatest Showman 170-179 (1st ending)

    Remember Me 26-36


    Pirates 27-43

    Greatest Showman 162-174

    Remember Me 26-36


    Pirates 61-77

    Greatest Showman 181-end

    Remember Me pick up to 22-36


    Pirates 11-22

    Greatest Showman 27-35

    Remember Me 18-30

    Students need to purchase String Basics Book 3. It is available at various music stores, if you have trouble finding it, you can order it online from the publisher or your favorite website. Make sure that you buy the correct book for the instrument you play. Students need to have the book by Friday August 8. If you have any trouble getting the book, please email me.

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