• Parent Information

    Specials Schedule 1:20-1:50
         Day 1 - PE
           Day 2 - Music
           Day 3 - Media /Book Return
           Day 4 - PE 
           Day 5 - Music
           Day 6 - Tecnology (1:30-2:10) 
    Daily Schedule
    Homework Routines
     Education at Carlson Elementary is a partnership between school and family.  Homework is an important link in this partnership! 
    • Daily Homework: Math, Spelling activity (Monday thru Thursday)                             Occasionally an assignment in other content areas.
    • Quarterly: Poem to recite/Book report
    •  At Home projects: Periodcally throughout the school year.
    Classroom Management
    In Room 24, there are a several strategies of maintaining good behavior among the students.
    • Verbal recognition, positive notes on desk, positive reinforment cones, "I spy" cards, table points 
    Marble Jar: This is a positive reinforcement for the entire class to work together on their behavior.  We are moving marbles from one jar to the other.  Marbles are moved when the "WHOLE CLASS" behaves very impressively.
    When the marbles are successfully transferred the class will be rewarded in a 20- 30 minute celebration of their choice.


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