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    Reading Fluency

    Reading Fluency is a part of your child’s reading skills in Kindergarten. When students read fluently, it’s easier for them to understand what they are reading. They also read aloud easier with expression. Needless to say, this makes reading a lot more enjoyable.


    Less fluent readers read more slowly and word by word.  Their attention is focused on sounding out each word, so they pay less attention to understanding what they have read.  Students at the end of Kindergarten should be reading books age appropriate books at their level with ease and expression.


    Here are some reading strategies to help your child achieve their end of the year fluency goals.

    ●Choose the right books- Help your child choose books that he/she can comfortably read. Use the “five finger” test as a guideline. Have them read the first page to you. If they struggle with 5 or more words, then that story is too difficult.

    ●Read it again- Encourage your child to reread favorite books, and make it fun! Repeated reading improves fluency and comprehension. They also provide opportunities to practice reading with expression.

    ● Listen every day- Listen to your child read everyday. Offer help when your child gets stuck, and always give lots of praise and encouragement.


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