• Accelerated Reader-AR 
    Our school is an AR school. This is an incentive program that encourages students to read!  Students have the opportunity take computerized quizzes on books they read. Students earn words by reading AR books and passing the computerized quiz.
    Accelerated Reader - Comprehension tests... only available on campus
    Select this link: AR at School
    Carlson students use Renaissance Place to access AR. This is an on-line version of Accelerated Reader with over 100,000 books to quiz on that is available to them during the school day.
    Select this link: AR Book Find
    AR book find is an internet site students can access from any computer. This site is used to search for quizzes, quiz numbers, create bookbags for a student's interest level,  as well as their reading level.  Please note that not all books listed on this site are available for check out in our media center. The public library is a great place to find a large selection of books. You can access it by clicking on the link above.
    Select this link: Home Connect
    You will be asked for a Rennaisance Connect ID: CUSD80-84NQ
    Input and select continue.  Then login per the format below.
    You can monitor your child's progress on AR simply by using the link above. By doing so, you can see what quizzes your child has taken, and how many words and/or points your child has earned. 
    Login Format:
    login:   s+student number   
    Password:   s+student number+!       (example)  login:  s123456     pswd:  s123456!

    Click to: email Mrs. Lewkowski is you are having difficulty!   lewkowski.jill@cusd80.com