• Classroom Expectations 

    1. Respect other’s rights, person and property; rudeness will not be tolerated. Choose to be polite and kind; using common sense and common courtesy

    2.  The classroom is a learning environment

          I.    Students are responsible for their learning

          II.    Students are to be positive, active learners, contributing to the learning process in class

          III.    Students will help maintain a learning environment by being positive, on-task and participating.

    3.  Follow all rules and procedures outlined in the student handbook.

    4.  Food and beverages are not allowed in the classroom, except bottled water.

    5.  All electronic devices (cell phones, ipods, ear buds, etc…) are not allowed to be used in class. 

    Consequences will be based on the action. Depending on the severity of the action, the following actions will occur:

    1.    Speak to the student

    2.    Contact a parent/guardian

    3.   Write a referral to Administration



    Each quarter you will earn a grade for this class. Your final semester grade will be calculated using the quarter grades (40% each) as well as your final exam (20%). You are responsible for keeping track of your own grade and you can access your grades through Infinite Campus online. 
    Grade break down for the class:                                                                       
    Tests             50%                                        
    Quizzes          25%                                    
    Assignments   25%                                       

    Grades are based on the following:

    1.   Tests – Tests will be given at the end of each module. 

    Test Retake Policy: All students are eligible for test retakes. To be granted a test retake, a student must first complete assigned tasks given by the teacher during tutoring sessions. The score on the retake will replace the score of the first assessment even in the case that the retake score is lower. Retakes must be completed before the next module test. Retake requests will not be granted the last two weeks of each quarter.

    2.    Quizzes – Quizzes will be given throughout each module. The number of quizzes will vary depending on the length of the module.

    3.   Assignments (points vary) – Given daily and must be done on time. Homework/Classwork may be graded on accuracy or based on participation. Late HW Policy: Students who do not have their homework completed on time, will not earn full credit for late homework. Students have up to the day of each unit test to hand in late assignments.  Homework/Notebook Quizzes: Given randomly and will vary in points. These quizzes will be graded on accuracy. On these quizzes, students will be asked to copy selected problems out of their notebook from assignments they should have already completed.

     4.    Final Exam – The final exam is cumulative and is 20% of the entire semester grade.


    Tutoring is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 – 3:15 in room 406.  If tutoring schedule changes, students will be informed. Transportation is available if you stay after school. Late bus leaves at 4:00pm Monday – Thursday.


    1.  A three-ring binder (1’’ recommended), divided into two sections: Notes and Assignments

    2. Calculator: Graphing Calculator (e.g. TI-84) or a scientific calculator (e.g. TI-30XS)   

    3. Geometric Tools: compass, ruler, and protractor

    4. Pencil and paper

    5. Textbook: Students will have online access to the textbook. Students will not be issued a textbook to take home. Access information is below. 

    Website:            my.hrw.com

    Username:         S + Student ID + @cusd     (example: S123456@cusd)

    Password:          s + Student ID + !    (example: s123456!)