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    All students eating school lunches are encouraged to Build Your Tray The Healthy Way by taking at least 3 of the food items offered on the lunch menu.
    Remember that one of these items must be a fruit or vegetable. CUSD School Lunches provide the 5 meal components of a lunch (bread, milk, protein, fruit and vegetable) daily. Students must take 3 components to count for a meal. Encourage your student to take all 5 components since the cost is the same whether they eat all 5 items or only 3!  USDA regulations require that a fruit or vegetable be on every tray. This requirement is based on the USDA Choose My Plate nutrition education promotion that includes 1/2 a plate contain fruits & vegetables, 1/4 whole grain and 1/4 protein, & low fat dairy to be considered healthy.
    CUSD Nutrition encourages students to start with a fruit or vegetable...better yet take both! Next, choose a whole grain item, pick a lean protein and top your meal off with a carton of milk to equal one great tray for the best school day!


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