• Supply List

    Notebook pencil





     Supplies**:  You will need to have the following supplies for Math (due by Monday, July 29th );


    > Pencils (more than one and if a mechanical pencil, please bring extra lead) and a good eraser

    > Highlighter pens (minimum of 2 different colors)

    > RED correction pens (at least 2 for correcting assignments)
    > Colored pencils/markers

    > Composition notebook

                > 2 pocket folder (without prongs)

                      > Loose-leaf paper (lined or graph) for notes and assignments

    > Scientific calculator (not graphing)





    If you would like to make a donation to the classroom, the following items would be greatly appreciated:


    1.         Kleenex

    2.      Hand sanitizer

    3.      Expo white board markers


    Thank you,
    Mrs. DeAngelo
    7th Grade Math












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