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    This page will include items specific to students. Here you can check in to see if you can find answers to some of your questions. Eventually, you will come to this page to check out practice notes. If I assign something "out of the ordinary" for you to practice, it will also be listed here. Additionally, I'm adding an FAQ section. Check it out at the bottom of the page! As I listen to questions in class, I'll take note as to the questions I get asked most often and place them in this section. Who knows, maybe your question will appear here?



  • Are we going to play cool music in 6th this year?

    Posted by: A very thoughtful sixth grader

    Great question!  Before I answer it I would like to have a little more information about what "cool" is to you.  What goes into a song that makes it cool?  Is it the key in which it is written, the bowings, the dynamics, the style (is strong and bold - like Dragonhunter; or Star Wars; or is it fragile and complicated like Harry Potter)

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  • I forgot how to hold my violin!

    Posted by: A confused newbie 5th grader

    Remember to put your hand on your left shoulder and then lower your jaw onto your hand.  That is where you will place your jaw on your chin rest.  Also remember to make sure your scroll points at 11 o'clock.  For an example, you can go to How Do You Do That?

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