• Turnitin.com Help (2019/20) 

    How to create a user profile:
    Go to turnitin.comClick on "create an account" (top right side of page)
    Scroll down on next screen until you see“Create a User Account”Select/ click on "student"
    Enter the appropriate class ID associated with the hour you have my class.
    Enter the following class enrollment password: pumas
    Type in the Turnitin class ID#: 
    1st Hour English 12 =21354232
    2nd Hour Honors English 9=21354168
    3rd Hour English 9= 21653018
    4th Hour English 12= 21354235
    5th Hour Honors English 9= 21354221
    6th Hour Honors English 9= 21354225
    Password: pumas(same for all classes, case sensitive)
    Enter your first name and last name as prompted, please spell your name correctly in order to avoid issues when I grade your work in turnitin.com.
    Enter your email address- please write this email address down for your own safe keeping as you will need it to sign on to turnitin.com.
    Type in a password, then verify the password. Again please write this password down for safe keeping- I will not be able to locate it for you if you lose it/forget it.
    Choose a secret question(should you forget your password)
    Answer the questionClick "I agree--create profile"
    Read the directions carefully and continue on with the prompts that appear until you see your homepage on Turnitin.com
    You should see the name of my class on your turnitin.com page once finished.

    How to submit your paper:

    Log-in to turnitin.com
    Click on the name of the class
    Click the title paper to submit
    Choose the drop down that says file upload
    Fill in the title of your paper
    Click browseBrowse for the file that contains your paper (click Browse)
    Choose the file (double click it)
    The file will appear in the box
    Click submit
    You should be able to access the report for your pape
    Read all directions and follow all suggestions
    Make sure to log out