Academic Honor Code


    The objective of the Arizona College Prep Honor Code is to build trust among students and to maintain an academic community in which a code is shared.  The ACP Honor Code is given here:


    As a student and citizen of Arizona College Prep, I agree to the following when I sign the agreement on the back of this sheet.

    • I will not lie, cheat or steal in any of my academic endeavors;
    • I will oppose each and every instance of academic dishonesty
    • I will not request, receive or give aide in examinations/tests/quizzes;
    • I will not give or receive unpermitted aid in class work, homework, in the preparation of reports, or in any other work that is to be used by the teacher as the basis of grading.  I understand, or will seek to learn, the difference between studying or reviewing with others (which often is acceptable) and producing written documents that are submitted under my name for credit (which can only be done alone);
    • I will not copy from or collaborate with others in completing homework.  When I put my name on a homework assignment, I attest that all of  the work on the assignment is my own original;
    • I will never use any “study aids” such as Cliff’s Notes, Sparks Notes, or others materials nor will I watch a move/video version of a work of literature before or during the study of it in school as a substitution for, or aid to, reading the work.  I will do the reading for myself and strive to understand it for myself;
    • I will give prompt (and confidential) notification to the appropriate faculty member or the Principal if I observe academic dishonesty in any course.  I will let my conscience be my guide if I should make such a report;
    • I join the entire student body of Arizona College Prep in a commitment to this Code of Honor. 

    Portions of this honor code are derived from the current Duke University and Stanford University honor codes. 


    The faculty on its part manifests its confidence in the honor of its students by refraining from taking unusual and unreasonable precautions to prevent the forms of dishonesty mentioned above.  The faculty will also avoid, as far as practicable, academic procedures that create temptations to violate the Honor Code.  On some occasions, teachers may ask students to write “ACPHC” (Arizona College Prep Honor Code) on the heading of their assignments to remind them of the details and spirit of this honor code. 


    Since academic dishonesty is viewed as a very serious offense, even first offenders may be punished with suspension, depending on the severity of the violation in addition to receiving a zero on the assignment.  In first cases of academic dishonesty the principal will meet with the student to review what the student did and reinforce the student’s commitment to ethical academic behavior.  Further instances of academic dishonesty will result in suspension, in or out of school (depending on the severity of the offense), and a third offense will be grounds for possible expulsion.  Even if such instances occur in separate years, they will be considered cumulatively.
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Last Modified on February 8, 2013