• Course Syllabus


    Graves’ Geckos

    3rd Grade Gifted     
    Jacobson Elementary   



    Course Description

    This class provides an enriched and accelerated environment for gifted third grade students. The content is accelerated a year ahead in math and reading, and extends opportunities for students to increase the depth and breadth of their learning in all content areas.


    Students will be expected to take responsibility for their own learning by taking risks and being enthusiastic participants in daily activities. Thinking “outside of the box”, exploring multiple solutions, and understanding a variety of perspectives is a common thread and expectation in the classroom. Students are expected to come to class with an open mind and a positive attitude.


    Course Goals and Objectives

    Students are expected to master conceptual knowledge and develop enduring understanding in the content areas of Reading, Writing, Math,Social Studies, and Science.



    Third grade gifted students learn the fourth grade reading standards which include study of the reading process, as well as comprehension of literary text, non-fiction text, and informational text.  Third graders become familiar with the literary elements which include the genre, genre traits, major and minor characters, setting, plot, problem/conflict, resolution, theme, point of view,and author’s purpose.  Students have an opportunity to explore poetry, as well as novels and various literature studies.  Making inferences,drawing conclusions, making connections between the literature and themselves or the world around them are all part of the critical thinking that is emphasized in the CATS program. 



    The writing curriculum focuses on Write from the Beginning.  Students learn appropriate writing techniques for the various genres.



    Third grade students will engage in the fourth grade math standards, which include multiplying and dividing, fractions, ratios, percent,geometry figures and measurement, data analysis, elapsed time and more.  Go to the district’s web site and open up curriculum to view a thorough list of topics.  Students testing above fourth grade in any math standard will have the opportunity to extend their learning at an advanced level.  Both converse and diverse thinking is emphasized,encouraging students to ‘think outside the box.’


    Social Studies

    In the third grade social studies curriculum, students will study American history, civics, geography, and economics.  In the spring, students will be presenting a Famous American Wax Museum showcasing historical figures.  In May our economics unit has students creating businesses and producing and selling products.



    Students in third grade gifted will study the inquiry process, the properties of earth materials, energy and magnetism, characteristics of organisms, and life cycles. Special highlights in Science include a November field trip to Kartchner Caverns, rock tumbling, geode-cracking, and the Science Fair.



    Quarterly and final grades will be comprised of percentages from assignments, projects, and assessments.


    The elementary district grading scale is based on the following percentage scale:

    90 – 100……………………. A (Outstanding)

    80 – 89………………….….. B (Very Good)

    70 – 79………………….….. C (Satisfactory)

    60 – 69…………………..…. D (Having Difficulty)

    Below 60………………….... F (Serious Difficulty)

    MS---Meets Standards

    P---Progressing (Moving along in understanding the concept)

    AC---Area of Concern


    Progress Reports/Report Card weeks are listed on the calendar.



    Homework packets are sent home on Friday.  Homework is due the next Friday.  By district guidelines, homework should equal about 30 minutes a night, not including the time required for reading, however, please understand that from time to time that time may increase due to special projects.  Homework is not assigned before holidays and intersession.








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