• Uniform Policy & Attendance Reminder

    Reminders from the front office:

    Uniform CODE Reminder--Girls


    This is a gentle reminder that our uniform policy says that ALL SHORTS AND SKIRTS AND JUMPERS WILL BE KNEE LENGTH.  Your child has on shorts or a skirt that is too short to meet the rule.  Please do not send your child with this article of clothing on in the future.  As always, our thanks for complying with our uniform code.  (CTA Handbook p. 22)


    This is a reminder that boys haircuts must comply with the CTA Policy Handbook.  Hair length is no longer than the ear lobes on the sides or fall below the collar in back.  The front must be above the eyebrows.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this.  (CTA Handbook p. 23)


    Attendance Reminder

    Families are reminded that students must be in school every day, except when they are sick.  Please call the Attendance Line (812-2600) to report them absent and leave a reason. Students must also arrive to school on time each day.  A student is considered “on time” if he/she is INSIDE his/her classroom when the 8:15 bell rings.  Students with frequent tardies will have a consequence for every 3 tardies.

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