• Government:
    The point to this class is to get the student to consider to think and reason for themselves. What do they believe to be right and why.
    Our study of the government will be guided by a series of essential questions - What do you believe should be the role of government? What are the duties and responsibilities and the purpose of the various governments - local, county, state, national?
    Abraham Lincoln said that government should not do for the people what the people can do for themselves. So then what can the people not do for themselves? And what are those items that they can do for themselves? Would not the answer to these questions suggest a framework of government?
    Kennedy famously told us to not ask what the government can do for us, but to consider what we can do for the government. What he was saying was to take personal responsibility and think about what are the reasonable expectations that the people should put on government - local, county, state, national.