Students are required to memorize and then recite poems in class. Due dates will be sent home as poems are assigned. Students may recite a poem at anytime before the due date that they feel ready!
    Students may recite at any point they feel ready.  Last day to recite is September 17, 2021. Rubric is provided.
    November-December: Students will recite "The Teacher Ate My Homework.".  Rubric is on the back of the poem and has been discussed with students.  Drop dead due date to recite is December 11, 2020.

    March- Students will recite "Staying Home From School Today".

    Rubric is on the back. Recite by March 2, 2021.



    4th Quarter -  "We Are One World"
    Rubric is on the back.
    Recite by April 30, 2021