Students are required to memorize and then recite poems in class. Due dates will be sent home as poems are assigned. Students may recite a poem at anytime, before the due date, that they feel ready!
    August- The Declaration of Independence Students may recite at any point they feel ready.  Last day to recite is August 29, 2019.
    October-November: Students will recite "Halloween Leftovers".  Rubric is on the back of the poem and has been discussed with students.  Drop dead due date to recite is Friday, December 13th.
    February- "A Summer's Day Seems Far Away" is due on February ________.  Students may get an extra copy of the poem from me if they lose theirs.

    March- Students will recite "On St. Patrick's Day" in an Irish voice. Rubric is on the back. Recite by __________

    April/May - Students will recite "If You Don't Like Summer"  Recite by ________________