• READ180 is a data-driven instruction program, which means student performance impacts instruction. A variety of instruments assess students to identify their most urgent needs, enabling the program and teacher to adjust instruction accordingly.
    Effective Assessements for Struggling Readers
    Assessment TypeAssessment InstrumentsInstructional Purpose
    Placement and Progress Monitoring   

    *Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) Interactive
    *Scholastic Reading Counts

    • Determine reading level and place students appropriately in the program.
    • Monitor student, group, and class progress over time to ensure that desired performance outcomes are being achieved.
    Curriculum-Based Assesssment

    *rSkills Tests
    *Workshop Wrap-Up

    • Monitor student understanding of key, standards-aligned skills covered during Small - and - Whole-Group Instruction.
    Ongoing Diagnostic AssessmentREAD180 Instructional Software
    • Assess student performance on the READ180 software.
    • Identify strengths and weaknesses so that teachers can address specific student needs.
    Writing Assessment

    *rBook Writing Assignments

    • Test students' understanding of reading skills and writing addressed during Whole - and - Small-Group Instruction.