• Janice Fennig

     Mrs. Fennig
    Hello!  My name is Janice Fennig.  I grew up in a farming community in central Ohio.  I showed hogs in 4-H and loved riding dirt bikes on our 33 acre farm!  In high school, I excelled in math and music.  I entered The Ohio State University as a freshman studying Music.  Two and 1/2 years into the Audio Recording Engineering Program (through the school of music), I changed my major to Math Education!  I did not start teaching until 1998 as I spent 8 years as a Business Systems Analsyt in the banking industry.
    I have been teaching at Basha since 2003 and have taught:  Algebra 1, Geometry, Honors Geometry, Algebra 2, Honors Algebra 2 and Math Year 4. In Ohio, I taught Business Law, Personal Finance, Desktop publishing, Typing and Algebra 1!
    My husband, daughters and I moved to Chandler in 2001 and we love it here!  We don't miss shoveling snow, raking leaves or driving in bad weather!  We do miss friends, family and most of all -- Ohio State football!  Oh yes!  I am an OSU fan bordering on fanatic!!!  I love college football and spend Saturday's during football season in front of the TV starting at 7:00am!!!
    Here's to a great year at Basha! 

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