• Welcome to Sixth Grade Language Arts!

    Sixth grade Language Arts includes reading a variety of fiction genres and informational text, responding to literature, writing narratives,  writing argumentative essays, and conducting research.  This year we will also be implementing a new literacy program that was adopted by the district. The program contains a huge supply of supplemental materials that will enhance the students' reading and writing experience. Most of the writing tasks are done entirely here at school.

    Currently, some of our reading grade will come from informational text, as we read and learn about Mesopotamia, Kush, and Egypt in the Social Studies book.  Students will interpret maps and charts, learn new vocabulary, and answer comprehension questions pertaining to the Social Studies content. 

    Ask your child about our "Journeys" text book!  It contains a variety of genres of short stories and articles.  A portion of the first quarter reading grade will come from comprehension quizzes and vocabulary quizzes pertaining to this book.
    So far we have completed two argumentative essays, a literature response and a friendly letter, a personal narrative, and there's still more to come!  I have already seen a great improvement in the students' writing, and look forward to more. 

    Sixth Grade students are ALWAYS expected to read for at least 30 minutes nightly!!!
    A Little Hint... 
    Writing in journals, making lists, writing short notes and letters to family members, and writing short poems or stories at home are all excellent ways your child can stay tuned in to basic writing skills. Read SOMETHING every day! 

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