• Business Management and Administrative Services (BMAS)

    This is the second level business class-often referred to as BMAS.  

    Many students want to become entrepreneurs and own a business.  This class will teach students how to own and operate a small business.  Students evaluate the role and risks of small business in an ever-changing economy, develop a business plan, and develop a product/service idea to compete in our annual Business Fair.  Through real life project-based activities, students will learn many core business principles and skills.  Core principles learned include, accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, ethics, finance, business law, marketing and advertising.  Skills learned and enhanced include, teamwork, problem-solving, decision making, customer service, communications and technology. 

    In BMAS, students learn the basic functions of management including planning, organizing, researching, directing and controlling and how to use these processes to succeed in a competitive business environment.  Teamwork is a large component of this class as students learn how to interact enthusiastically and optimistically with customers and co-workers.   

    A large part of this course is devoted to personal finance as students learn how to obtain start-up capital for their business, how to use credit to their advantage, and how saving and investing money will build long-term wealth.  Students also compete in a stock market simulation project sponsored by the Arizona Council for Economic Education and Junior Achievement.  

    Students enrolled in this course can join Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), which is the career and technical student organization associated with the Business program.  FBLA opportunities include leadership development, field trips, travel and competition. 

    * Can be taken as a dual credit class as MGT253 through CGCC 

    * Syllabus