• IB Writing Rubric for Ms. Van Norman

    Category A (Green): “Understanding and Interpretation”

    Insight, insight, and more insight. To get the highest score, you must use at least three pieces of evidence in eachbody paragraph to support your insights into Plot and Theme. Avoid summary—except for what is necessary to establish context—and do not just repeat what you heard from the lectures. This insight should be original and entirely yours.

                    When your writing is highlighted in green, that is a sign of effective use of Category A. 

    Category B (Blue): “Appreciation of the Writer’s Choices”

    To score well in this category, you need to show that you can analyze literature in order to examine WHY an author uses certain literary techniques. The highest scores will identify and explain techniques used in a writing, and then discusses why the author used these techniques and to what effect. Basically, you need to demonstrate both knowledge of literary techniques and show that you understand WHY an author us using these techniques in their writing.

    When your writing is highlighted in blue, it is to let you know that you used Category B in your writing effectively.

    Category C (Pink): “Organization and Development”

    To achieve the highest score in Category C, your paragraph organization must include the following elements: each paragraph should relate directly back to your thesis; topic sentences should act both as transitions from one paragraph to the next and should set up the topic of the paragraph; and all of your paragraphs should be about the same length and have equal relevance to your argument. Additionally, proper usage of the SSS method is critical. (Remember: the sentence before the quote must address Speaker and Situation, and after the quote you mustdevote at least two sentences to discussing Significance.) Category C lays the foundation for Categories A and B, so writing effectively in this category is essential for success.

                    When your writing is highlighted in pink, then that is a sign of effective use of Category C.

    Category E (Yellow): “Language”

    To do well in this category, the language of your essay must be academicclear, and precise. Correctly using literary terms can be a real boost to your score—and something you should be doing anyway in order to score well in categories A and B. Achieving the highest score in this category requires you to make careful decisions about your word choice, so that your vocabulary is precise and effective. Varied sentence structure and correct grammar are also crucial to success; the fewer errors, the higher your score, and the stronger your style will be.

    When your writing is highlighted in yellow, then that means you are using language effectively.