• Writing
    Throughout third grade, students will use the Spalding Program and the Write From The Beginning Program to create and publish a variety of writing pieces: The three types of writing your child will do this year can be found below.
    Narrative Writing: Expressive writing that includes personal narratives (personal experience), stories, poetry, songs and dramatic pieces. Writing  may
    be based on real or imagined events.
    Journal Writing:    Journal writing is a type of writing where students write about topics of personal interest, to note their observations, to imagine,
    to wonder, or to connect new information to things they already know.
    Persuasive Writing:
    Persuasive writing is used for the purpose of influencing the reader. The author represents an issue and expresses an opinion in order to convince the audience to agree with the opinion or to take a particular action. Persuasive writing projects will include writing advertisements and persuasive paragraphs.
    Expository Writing: Nonfiction writing that describes, explains, informs or summarizes ideas and content. The writing supports a thesis based on
    research, observation and/or experiences. Students will be writing summaries, newspaper articles, reflections, and keeping journals.
    Functional Writing: Functional writing provides specific directions or information related to real-world tasks. This includes friendly letters, thank
     you notes, invitations, schedules, procedures, recipes, directions for specific content areas.
    Research: Research writing is the process in which the writer identifies a topic or question to learn more about. The writer locates and evaluates information about the topic or question and synthesizes the information.
    Literary Response: A literary response is the writer's reaction to a literary selection. The response includes the writer's interpretation, analysis, opinion and/or feelings about the piece of literature and selected elements within it. Students will write reflections, journal entries, book reviews, and responses that connect text to self, text to world, and text to text.
    Topic Response: A topic response is the writer's reaction to a topic or issue being presented. The response includes the writer's point of view
    and/or feelings about the topic, pros and cons related to the topic, and any suggestions the writer may have.
         We will begin learning cursive during the first quarter. By the end of the year your child will be able to write in Spaulding cursive. They will learn upper and lowercase letters, proper connections between letters, and how to form words and sentences.