• Reading Books
    This year we will use several Reading programs-Journeys, Core Knowledge, and Spaulding to teach the following skills:
    Phonemic Awareness: the understanding that spoken words are made
    of individual sounds (syllables, rimes, onsets, and larger units of sound).
    Phonics: which has to do with decoding. Decoding is the process of translating written words into speech (word blending, word building). Fluency is reading with speed, accuracy, and expression at an appropriate rate. Fluency sounds like natural speech.
    Vocabulary: The more words a student acquires, the better chance they will have success in reading, writing and spelling. In 3rd grade, they will use knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, contractions, compound words, synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms to determine the meaning of words.
    Comprehension: which is the complex process of constructing meaning from texts. Students will read informational, expository, functional, persuasive, and fictional texts. They will learn a variety of strategies to understand the text.
    Core Knowledge/ Language Arts:
    Poetry, Literature, Sayings and Phrases