Parent’s Guide to Homework




    Parent’s Guide to Homework


    Homework will be assigned Monday - Thursday of each week, except before a holiday.  If your child says he/she has “NO HOMEWORK,” don’t believe it! They DO have homework!  If his/her agenda is not filled out, Monday through Thursday, then they are not following directions. We fill out agendas daily (except Fridays) as reminders to students, and correspondence to parents, as to what homework they have for that day.  Have you ever asked, “What did you learn in school today?” Your child replied, “Nothing.” Remember, we did not do “nothing” in class, so their agenda should be filled out!

    Daily homework will be due at the beginning of the next school day.

    Types of homework assignments MAY include:
    *30 weekly spelling words (10 words each Mon - Wed; pretest at home on Thurs.) Tests in class on Friday.
    *complete any work started in class and not finished.
    *math (workbook pages, practicing specific lesson skills)
    *memorizing material to be recited in class, ie: poems, one every quarter.
    *research for long-term projects, ie: book reports, one every quarter.
    *writing themes, short stories, or compositions not finished in class.
    *30 minutes of nightly reading with maintenance of the reading log for AR. Students may have read in class, so they can count those minutes towards their 30 min/day as expected for a CTA student.


    All homework should be completed in cursive (unless indicated by teacher).


    The CTA classroom will meet or exceed Chandler Unified School District's homework requirement of 40 minutes per day.