• Hi students!  This is Mrs. Shields.
    You probably are wondering what school supplies to buy to come to third grade.  My wish list has things teachers would like to have but there are some things I really want you to have to succeed in my class.
    Here's a list of items you should bring with you on Day 1 or even to Meet the Teacher or any day the first week of school.
    1 4 oz. bottle of Elmer's glue
    a zipper pencil case (our desks do not have room for a 3-d box case)
    4          dry erase markers
    a clean sock for a dry erase markers........you should keep this in the zipper pencil case
    3 or 4 glue sticks (depends what size pack you find)
    8 or 10 Crayola markers (any of the colors are fine)
    1 black sharpie (put it in your zipper pencil case)
    1          70 page spiral notebook
     a chapter book to read that you have not yet read
    Hope this helps!  If you cannot afford to buy all these items, do not worry about it.
    Do not bring crayons.  I keep bins on the desk pods and like to refill them as the year progresses.
    If you can only bring a few items, please bring the dry erase markers and a clean sock to use as an eraser.