The link below is a suggested supply list. All supplies will be provided for all students.  Students are expected to manage their own supplies and care for them in a respectful way.

    *  Supplies in CUSD are optional but very appreciated if you are able to support in this way.

    * ANY supplies from the previous year may be used! 


    Hi Families!

              July is the best month to get yearly supplies!  I am not particular on any brand or color type.  I remember when I was in school…”school supply day” was so much fun.  I was able to pick out the folders and notebooks that I wanted to use.  So, just let them explore their likes and interests.  Just as I use particular things, they may find something that works for them.  I am very accommodating and would like to see students comfortable with their tools.

      See you at “Meet the Teacher”. 



    Student Supply List – 1st Grade

    A  2 pocket folder (This will be used as their homework folder, so we would like to stay away from the binder to make it easier to send back and forth)

    3 - 2 pocket folders for use in the classroom.  1 will be used for reading/language.  1 will be used for writing.  1 will be used for science/social science.  

    Pencils – (Mechanical pencils are fine as long as your child can manage them)

    2- 1 subject notebooks  (1 will be used for phonogram practice in class.  1 will be used for spelling practice to go back and forth from school to home.) 

    1 backpack  

    1 student pencil box - students can store their personal supplies in them

    1 water bottle

    1 daily snack to have during our snack recess 


    Teacher Wish List!  (Absolutely Optional!)

    Tissue paper

    Ziploc Sandwich size baggies

    Bottled Water

    Hand sanitizer/ Lysol Wipes