The link below is a suggested supply list. All supplies will be provided for all students.  Students are expected to manage their own supplies and care for them in a respectful way.

    *  Supplies in CUSD are optional but very appreciated if you are able to support in this way.

    * ANY supplies from the previous year may be used! 


    Hi Families!

              July is the best month to get yearly supplies!  I am not particular on any brand or color type.  I remember when I was in school…”school supply day” was so much fun.  I was able to pick out the folders and notebooks that I wanted to use.  So, just let them explore their likes and interests.  Just as I use particular things, they may find something that works for them.  I am very accommodating and would like to see students comfortable with their tools.

      See you at “Meet the Teacher”. 



    Student Supply List – 1st Grade

    A  2 pocket folder (This will be used as their homework folder, so we would like to stay away from the binder to make it easier to send back and forth)

    1"  binder (This will be used to hold all of their classroom work.  This will stay at school until the end of the year)

    1 pack of dividers with pockets.  I have found the dividers with 2 pockets (1 on each side) work best.  

    Pencils – (Mechanical pencils are fine as long as your child can manage them)

    1 backpack  

    1 student pencil box - students can store their personal supplies in them

    1 water bottle

    1 daily snack to have during our snack recess


    Teacher Wish List!  (Absolutely Optional!)

    Tissue paper

    Ziploc Sandwich size baggies

    Any used chapter books – especially 1st-4th interest levels

    Post-it notes