Behavior Expectations

    "I meant what I said,
    and I said what I meant
    An elephant's faithful,
    One hundred percent."
    ~Dr. Seuss

    CTA Goodman uses a strategy created by Dr. Marvin Marshall called Discipline without Stress. In Kindergarten we spend 4 days introducing each level of the "ladder". The "ladder" is referred to throughout the day to guide children in making good choices. Since this is a school wide program, all teachers use the same vocabulary including the principal, speech pathologist and Specials teachers. You will often hear your child speaking of their "level". Use the picture below as a quick reference guide.

    In Our Class
    While incorporating Discipline without Stress , our class knows 4 simple rules and 3 consequences.
    2nd Graders will:
    1. Listen and Follow Directions
    2. Raise their hands before speaking.
    3. Keep their hands and feet to themselves.
    4. Respect their teacher and classmates.
    Consequences for not following a rule:
    1st time a rule is broken: Reminder
    2nd time a rule is broken: Time-Out
    3rd time a rule is broken: Note home

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