ABC's of Mrs. Mushet's Class

    “My alphabet starts with this letter called yuzz. It's the letter I use to spell yuzz-a-ma-tuzz. You'll be sort of surprised what there is to be found once you go beyond 'Z' and start poking around!”

    ~Dr. Seuss

    Please call Mrs. Kooser in the attendance office at 480-812-6903, anytime 24-7, to report absences. All homework will be sent home when your child returns or it can be picked up in the office at the end of the school day. Just let me know ahead of time so I can make sure it is waiting for you. I will send home any classwork that was done during the day, but it is not required to be completed.

    Please notify me immediately if your child is allergic or sensitive to any foods. We ask that ALL families refrain from sending peanut products for snack, for snacks are stored in a communal bucket during the school day and cross-contamination can occur accidentally. For more information, please see Peanut Allergy Alert.

    Please send your child with a backpack big enough to hold our Green Homework Folder. Please no roller backpacks.

    Through a combination of lessons in getting along and clear classroom exceptions and consequences, learning appropriate life skills in elementary school is vital to their success in life.

    School begins promptly at 8:00am with the tardy bell rings at 8:10. Students may be dropped off AFTER 7:45am on the West playground. There will be teachers denoted by an orange vest supervising at this time. The dismissal bell rings at 2:40.

    We love celebrating birthdays, but have limited time to do so due to our academic priorities. Should you wish to send in treats for your child's birthday it MUST be store bought. Please NO cupcakes. Easy items like cookies, fruit snacks, fruit cups, etc. work well. We celebrate during a short break in the day, so something that is easy to distribute and eat is appreciated. 

    Periodically through out the school year a Book Order will come home. The books are extremely inexpensive and for every dollar you spend, I get points to use towards books for our classroom.

    A Fall Parent/Teacher Conference will be held sometime in August to review your child's progress report. Another formal conference will be set up in the Spring sometime before our 3rd Intersession. While these two times in the school year are District wide mandatory conferences, I am willing and able to meet with you anytime during the school year. Whether in person, phone or email, communication between you and I are vital to your child's success.

    The BEST way to get a hold of me during the school day is my email. Should you call my phone, it will go straight to voice-mail so as not to disturb the class during the school day. I will check voice-mail at the end of the day. Should you need immediate assistance, call the front office.
    email : mushet.jill@cusd80.com classroom phone : 480-619-6942
    front office: 480-619-6900

    Your child will be given a Green Folder on the first day of school. This folder is a tool for communication between you, me, and your child. Please check it DAILY for important teacher and school news as well as homework.

    Visit http://www.mylunchmoney.com to set up a lunch account for your child. You will need their Student ID# which you can get from me or the front office.

    3-4 times per quarter, each student will be required to do a poetry recitation. A list of poems will be sent home 1-2 weeks before the due date for practice. Poem Recitations are taken for a report card grade.

    A healthy snack for your child is always appreciated. Should you choose to send a snack with your child, please pack it separately from your child's lunch and label it with their name. Please remember this is not a "meal" time and the snack should be easy to eat and require little time to consume. Some popular choices from last year were crackers, fruit, cheese sticks or carrots. NO candy or sugary snacks please.
    Each day, students will be participating in P.E., Music, Technology, and Library classes using a 6-Day Rotation. On P.E. days students, must wear sneakers. For their own safety, they will not be allowed to participate in P.E. without proper shoes.

    If your child is tardy, they MUST stop by the front office before reporting to our room. Your child will be given a blue tardy pass to bring to me so that I know they have checked in for the day. School starts at 8:10, and attendance is taken right away as part of our morning routine. Instruction begins IMMEDIATELY in the morning so for every minute they are late, that is important instruction time they are missing. Thank you for getting your child to school on time each day!

    At the beginning of the school year you will be filling out a form to tell me where your child will be going after school. Should your plans change for any reason, please let me know immediately. For your child's safety, I will follow your written or verbal instructions only.

    Once school starts and the class and I get into a familiar routine, I will ask for parent volunteers.  All parents entering campus during the school day need to sign in at the front office.

    CTA-Goodman dress code is strictly enforced every day of the week. Please refer to the CTA Handbook for uniform rules. Should your child be in violation of dress code they will either receive a red Violation form and/or be asked to change clothes at the nurse. Feel free to ask me any questions about dress code.

    Please have your child bring a water bottle to drink to school. Your child's name MUST be printed on the water bottle. The poptop/squirt type is best to avoid spills. Please no juice, gatorade, kool aid, etc. for in the classroom.

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