• Digital Photography

    This course will help the students become well rounded in the fundamentals of digital photography. The main areas of instruction will be: how cameras work, understanding light and composition, and how to use photo-editing software. Concurrently with this instruction the students will be photographing to create a library of photographs to use as lab images. First semester will be foundation, tutorial and instruction based. Second semester will be project oriented, to allow the students time and opportunity to use what they have learned. The students will be responsible to photograph consistently each week to provide images for editing and also to enhance their photo skills.


    The course will cover the following topics:

    History: Aesthetic, functional, and technical
    Fundamentals: Equipment, computers, software, materials and procedures
    Capture: Cameras, lenses, film, exposure, digitizing and data storage
    Process/Output: Digital image manipulation and storage, print making
    Print Presentation: Mounting and framing
    Composition: Simplicity, rule of thirds, lines, balance, framing, mergers, line, texture, shape, light, motion and perspective
    Lighting: Natural, artificial, hard, soft
    Career Planning: Developing and managing career goals, and preparing for employment
    Communication Skills: Research, questioning, interpreting, listening, writing and presenting
    Small Business: Traits, types, planning, location, equipment, insurance, benefits and budget 
    Behavior: Ethical conduct, copyright law and work ethic
    Course Work: Participation, notes, assessment, assignments, weekly faves, tutorials, projects, contests, travel.