FALL 2015
    July 20-July 24, 2015
     Warm Ups
    #1 Monday July 20, 2015-  Fill out the following information on the index card provided to you:  1)  name 2)hour 3) row # 4) favorite hobbies 5) one place you would like to travel to 6) favorite food 7) educational goals 8) occupational goals
    On the Ticket Out the Door sheet write down at least 3 things that you have in common with other students in this class.
    Pre-Columbian Pop Quiz (It doesn't count!!!)
    Match the dates of the left with the events on the rights:
    5 billion years ago
    10,000-12,000 years ago
    A.D. 1200
    350 million years ago
    25-135 million years ago 
    1.  The earth was formed.
    2.  The Appalachian Mts formed.
    3.  The cultivation of corn in Central America.
    4.  The Rockies and Sierra Nevada Mts formed
    5.  The ice age ended.
    6.  Columbus sailed to America. 
    Locate the following locations on a physical map of the United States:
    Cascades                                       Appalachian Mts
    Mississippi R                                 Central Plains
    Hawaii                                          Sierra Nevada
    Pacific Ocean                                Lake Ontario
    Lake Erie                                       Great Plains
    Gulf Plain                                       Alaska
    Lake Superior                                 Lake Huron
    Atlantic Plain                                 Rio Grande
    Rocky Mts                                    Gulf of Mexico
    Piedmont Plateau                           Great Basin
    Ozark Highlands                           Colorado Plateau
     Week 2
    July 27-31, 2015 
     Warm Up #3
    Monday July 27, 2015 
    Explain two ways in which climate change impacted Paleo-Indians.
    Warm Up #4
    Tuesday July 28, 2015 
    Identify the Clovis, Folsom, and Plano Paleo-Indians.  Write them on a chart.
    Warm Up #5
    Wednesday July 29, 2015
    What was the Columbian Exchange
    TOD TUESDAY:  Explain one way climate change impacted Native Americans. 2n
    TOD Tuesday:  Explain two things that you learned about Paleo-Indians
     4th Started physical map activity  (Physical Regions of US
    Physical Regions of US:
    Pacific Coast         Interior Plains               Ohio River                  Missouri River
    Rocky Mts            Coastal Plains               Great Lakes                 see map on page 1143 in textbook!
    Appalachian Mts   Ozark Highlands                                               Atlas page 36
    Canadian Shield    Hawaii
    Intermountain        Mississippi River
    United States History week #1 Assignments chapter 1 sections 1 & 4 notes/questions
    Thursday August 22, 2013:  Compare and the contrast the governments of New Spain and New France.  #6 (2nd only)
    5th assign as HW







    MONDAY & TUESDAY JULY  22 & 23





    parent sig #2 





    JULY 24 & 25, 2013


    WARM UP #1





    JULY 26, 2013


     READ CHAP 1 SEC 1
    (4 qS, 3 in bk, one chart)
    Current Event 


    Warm up Questions:
    Wednesday August 14, 2013
    define the following terms ( from "Rubio:  Immigration Reform Better Than Obama Executive Order" article, ABC New August 13, 2013)
    senate control
    executive action
    undocumented immigrant
     National Day Laborer Organization Network
    Comprehensive Immigration Reform
    Rank & File Republicans 

    Compare/Contrast Chart































    WEEK 3
    MONDAY AUGUST 5, 2013
    MONDAY AUGUST 5, 2013
    WARM UP #2 Chapter 1 sec 3:  Describe relations between the Portuguese and Africa during the 15th century.
    Due:  Check for all syllabi and citizenship contracts, new students handouts, distribute copies of syllabus and homework assignments, assignment logs & books (2).
    Classwork:  Students will record powerpoint notes from chapter 1 sec 2 in their notebooks using Cornell Notes or Mind Mapping.  Student notes will be collected befofre the end of the hour.
    Students will work in groups on ch 1 sec 3 objectives (3 questions) and submit their work before the end of the hour.  Each group will submit one paper.  The third student in each row will be this week's Row Manager and record the group's response
    Homework:  Complete map of Europe (see last powerpoint slide for specific locations #4)
    Guest-speaker Friday will discuss College Financial Aid (rescheduled to Friday August 9, 2013)
    What's ahead:  Quiz Friday chapter 1 sections 2 & 3.
    Tuesday August 6, 2013
    Classwork:  Answer chapter 1 section 3 objective questions.
    Wednesday & Thursday  August 7 & 8, 2013
    Guest speaker:  Topic of discussion college financial aid
    Read chapter 1 section 4
       #11 MAP OF AFRICA
    Friday August 9, 2013
    Guest speaker discussed college financial aid Mrs. Thoren, CHS Career Center
    Quiz (2nd hour only, 5th hour will take it on Monday August 9, 2013, guest-speaker ran over)
    Wk 4
    August 12-16, 2013
    Monday August 12, 2013
    Review last Friday's quiz (chapter 1 sec 2 & 3), rev chapter 1 sec 4
    5th Hour take quiz chapter 1 secs 2 & 3
    Tuesday August 13, 2013
    review chapter 2 section 1, #12 GROUP NOTES, PRESENTATIONS /20 POINTS
    Homework:  Current Event US Immigration
    Wednesday & Thursday  August 14 & 15, 2013
    Review Last Weeks Guest Speakers Info:  Financial Aid
    Review Immigration Current Event Info
    Read chapter 2 sec 2
    Friday August 16, 2013
    Quiz chapter 1 sec 4 and chapter 2 sec 1
    Review chapter 2 sec 2
    read chapter 2 sec 3 for HW due Monday!