• 6th Grade Cluster Plan



     We will provide a rigorous curriculum where students are expected to be challenged, experience connected topics across the curriculum, effectively struggle, and develop the skills required to learn and work in a constantly changing world where creative strategies are essential for solving real-world problems. 


    Students are expected to master the skills and concepts of our 6th grade standards and move to 7th when appropriate.  Students will explore all concepts to a greater depth and complexity and make connections across content areas to help develop a better understanding. They will also develop their creative and critical thinking skills to help them become more effective problem solvers and communicators.  


     A variety of assignments, classroom activities, and projects will be used for student learning.  Time in class and at home may be needed to complete the work.  Some assignments will be completed independently, while others will be done with a partner or team.  Specific instructions will be given to support all assignments. 

    During the year, students will be expected to work on extended projects.  Unless otherwise noted, these projects must be completed by the students and may require work time outside of the classroom.  There will be a time-line and outline to assist in planning for these projects. 

    Students are expected to complete meaningful class assignments.  If students do not complete class work, it is expected to be completed as homework. 
    It is the CUSD policy that students work approximately 10 minutes per grade level.  Therefore, a 6th grader will be responsible for 50 - 60 minutes each night.  
    In addition, nightly reading is encouraged with a time of at least 15 minutes.  

    If a student has not done or completed an assignment, it will be noted in the agenda. 


    Student achievement will be based on tests, assignments, and projects.  Rubrics, score sheets, checklists, and observations will be used to evaluate a student’s progress.  

    Students are encouraged to re-do work that is below 70%.  They have one week in which to do so with both grades being averaged for a new one. 


     Email is the BEST way of communicating with me. 

     School email    russhon.diane@cusd80.com


    Communications will be returned within 24 business hours.  All emergencies should be directed to the office.



    Professional Goal for the Year

    ·         To form a partnership with my students and parents in creating a community of creative and critical thinkers.

Last Modified on July 20, 2018