• Hands-on Experience

    Posted by Nicholas Narducci on 1/28/2015
    Every school year at the start of the spring semester, 8th grade students leave the comfort of junior high school and take a day-long tour at Basha High. They visit multiple classrooms to gain an idea of what options are available to them when it comes time to register.
    We receive students over a 3 day period. They arrive at about 10 am and stay until 1:30 pm. The 8th grade students rotate to a new classroom every 20 minutes, so we see 7 different groups of 8th grade students per day, on each of the 3 days. The group sizes range from 27 to over 40 students.
    The graphic design program uses this opportunity to show these incoming freshman what they can be capable of once they enroll in this class. Three of my current graphic design students give a short presentation, then I have 15-17 more students available to work with the 8th graders on a hands-on graphic design project. Once that is complete, we move into the t-shirt screen printing lab and print the design they were just working with onto a shirt. They love this experience and are always excited to work with all the great technology we have available.
    A big thanks to all my student helpers! This experience would not be successful without all of their hard work and willingness to spend their days working with the 8th grade students.
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  • Showing Spirit

    Posted by Nicholas Narducci on 1/9/2015
    Early in the year (I know, this is very delayed) my students did an amazing job contributing to one of our fundraisers at Basha High. They did such a great job we became the class to beat. I have since forgotten the amount donated, but the students received one paper strip to add to the spirit ring every time they donated a certain amount of money. As you can see, we had a decent spirit chain going on.
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  • Play Unified, Live Unified

    Posted by Nicholas Narducci on 1/12/2015
    Third year graphic design student, Brianna, designed a great logo for the Basha Unified Sports team. They were very excited about the new design. In the photo below, you can see the graphic design team that created the logo and screened the T-shirts (back row) and the proud athletes of the Basha Unified Sports team (front row, showing off their new T's).
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  • Breaking in the gear

    Posted by Nicholas Narducci on 11/14/2013
    We have been in the new lab since the start of the quarter. Today we put the new photo gear to use.  This stuff is just fun to play with.
    The set up:
    basha photo shoot  
    The results:
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  • Almost there

    Posted by Nicholas Narducci on 9/24/2013
    Well, we are getting close to the big move.  Desks and chairs are being constructed then we will be bringing in the machinery.  Sparkling iMacs with Adobe Creative Suite, Epson large format printers, a commercial photography set up and most importantly, comfortable chairs.  There is one more major upgrade coming, but I'm waiting for them to be installed before I show them off.
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  • Progress Continues

    Posted by Nicholas Narducci on 8/12/2013
    Making progress and counting down until Graphic Design can move back home.  Check out the piles of network cable being installed.
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  • Hat Hanger

    Posted by Nicholas Narducci on 8/2/2013
    Innovation at work.  4th hour student finds a new use for a 27" iMac monitor.
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  • Facelift!

    Posted by Nicholas Narducci on 8/1/2013
    The Basha High graphic design classroom is receiving a facelift!  In the 2013-2014 school year we are temporarily in another room while our home base is being remodeled.  Once construction is complete, we will be moving back downstairs to the Basha High Graphic Design World Headquarters.  This remodel/expansion will allow for more computers, larger work areas, large format digital printing, color accurate display monitors, photo studio and much more.  Original completion date was in December 2013, but I've been hearing it may be pushed up by a few weeks.
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