• Independent Reading Resources

    Advice for parents:

    Please be patient with your student as they try to find a book that they enjoy.  Try to remember that it can be an overwhelming process to enter into a new phase of life developmentally, or as they confront the world of Young Adult fiction, which significantly expands the books and topics available for them to read.  They may not know who they are or what they like right now, which can make it hard to find a book that they’re interested in.  The great thing, is that they can begin to discover these things as they fall in love with particular books and/or genres.


    Two things are critical to ask your student:

    1. Do they enjoy the book?  

    2. Do they understand the book? 

    If the answer is “no” to either of those, the student will think that the experience of reading is either not enjoyable or that it is confusing, and they’ll see little reason for engaging in it. 


    Try to think about it this way:

    Independent reading books are meant to entertain, just like television.  For instance, I don’t particularly enjoy watching sports, so if sports were the only thing that were on TV,  I would never watch TV, because I would think that it was boring or pointless.  Likewise, if all of the programs were about Quantum Mechanics and the content were too challenging to understand, I would think that watching TV was confusing, and I’d never want to do it. 

    In both instances, I would find little justification for watching TV, and I’d be confused about why so many people engage in it for fun.  The reason that you enjoy watching TV, is because the content of the show is interesting to you as an individual, and because you understand the content.  The same thing goes for independent reading!

    Resources to help guide your student:

    Book Trailers

    These are just like movie trailers, only they are previews for books, instead.  They will help your student to get an idea of what a book is about, and might give them some direction about what kind of plots and story-lines they find interesting!

     Book Trailer Links Document


    What Should I Read Next.com

    On this site, you can enter a book you like and the site will analyze their huge database of real readers' favorite books, to provide book recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.


    Good Reads

    You can create a username and password for this site, or use it as a guest.  It has two components:

    ·      Deciding what to read next

        You tell them what titles or genres you’ve enjoyed in the past, and we’ll give you surprisingly insightful recommendations.

    ·      What your friends are reading

    Chances are, your friends are discussing their favorite (and least favorite) books on Goodreads. You can create a username and password, add them to your friends, and track the titles they’re reading.  You can see how they and other users are rating the books.