Mr. DeGrow's Science
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       Welcome to Mr. DeGrow's Investigative Science classroom. For any notes that were missed, please utilize the 'Go Blue' Board in Mr. DeGrow's Class as there are hard copies found there.
       Investigative science takes all of the concepts from the major disciplines of science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth and Space) and funnels them into one integrated classroom. The class puts an emphasis on energy flowing systems and sustainability while simultaneously equipping the students with tools necessary to be succesful in future years at Perry. Organization is a big factor in success at the high school level, so the class utilizes science notebooks where the students place all notes and assignments on particular pages. This helps students with both organizational skills and professionalism and is worth around 60% of their grade. If you have any questions, feel free to call or e-mail me by clicking on the title of this page.

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