• Rocket Math

     Here is how it works:

    Beginning this year your child is required to take and pass a minimum of three addition test each week.  Yes, this will be part of their homework.  The maximum amount of tests that students may take in one day is three, but can be as little as one.

     Students will have a yellow slip of paper in their binder.  Once your child practices their math facts, you will need to sign off on the yellow note (in the binder) when they are ready to test.  The student will bring in the yellow slip and place it on the Math facts table first thing in the morning.  They will most likely test that day, and if they pass, they will receive a really small pink slip letting you know!

     The overall plan for the year is:

    1stquarter: addition facts

    2ndquarter: multiplication facts

    3rdquarter: subtraction facts

    4thquarter: division facts


    Once students complete the addition, they will move right on to multiplication and will continue until they complete all their division facts.  Some students will finish addition and multiplication before the October break.  Other students will hopefully finish addition facts by the end of this quarter, and that is fine. For those who do not finish addition by the end of the first quarter, they will be required to take and pass three tests each week until they are finished with addition.  I do ask that when your child moves from addition to subtraction etc. for you to please return the packets and answer keys.  We reuse these from year to year, so please keep them in a safe place in your home as well.

    How the math facts actually work:

     You will receive an addition packet and answer key.  The top half of the page the students should be timed for one minute and 30 seconds, (1:30).  The student will say the problem: ex.  3+4:  Three plus four equals seven.  Once they complete the top half, then they go to the bottom half of the sheet.  They receive one minute (1:00)to say only the answer.  When they finish that without a mistake, they are ready to take a test.

    We will be meeting for Curriculum Night very soon.  So, if you have questions, please feel free to email me or write them down for Curriculum Night. 

     The students are very excited to start this program, as am I.  There has been a lot of research done to support this program.  In knowing your basic math facts, it helps your child become a stronger math student in general.  That is my goal for this year.  Thanks in advance for all your support and dedication to helping your child be successful and reach their personal best!