• Avancemos! 

    Directions for the online text book.
    1. Go to classzone.com
    2. Select your subject - HS World Languages
    3. Select your state - Arizona
    4. Find your book - Select Go!
    5. Select Avancemos Uno (it is an orange and blue book) or Avancemos 2 (yellow book)
    6. Scroll down to 2010 Online book (at the bottom)
    7. It directs you to Holt McDougal Online to login
    8. Enter a username and password (This will be given to you in class)
    9. Write down your username and password
    10. Select the page number you want to go to or search through the drop down menu at the top of the screen to find your unit.
    11. Return to classzone.com for more online features.
    12. Questions/ problems - see your teacher.