• The uniform can be purchased by mearly bringing cash or check (Santan JH Boosters) to class.
    You do not have to purchase the uniform from us.  However, the requirement is green shorts and white or gray shirt.
    Our prices: Shirt - $10, Green Shorts - $10, Camo Shorts - $15
    A locker will be provided, at no charge, for clothing storage during class and overnight.
    This is what will be filled out each day of class.
    Weight Training Card


    Muscles, Bones and More


    What is an Abstract?
    1. Read the article
    2. Write one paragraph (minimum 5 sentences) stating the central idea or ideas of the article.
    3. Write one paragraph (minimum 5 sentences) reflecting your thoughts about the article.  Do you agree or disagree with the information?  Why or why not?  Is the information consistent with what we do in class.  If yes, how?  If no, how?  How will you use the information or does it not relate to your way of life?
    When is it due?
    One (1) week from the date it was given to you.
    How do I turn it in?
    You can type and send a word document to Mr. Conrad's email address or hand in a typed or written hard copy.