• Some helpful reminders about A.R.:  


    • Students are tested every quarter and they receive their STAR level.  This level indicates what level of books your student should be selecting when checking out books in the school library or public library.
    •  Students may bring their A.R. books from school home to do their nightly reading homework.  They need to come back to school the next day because part of our daily schedule is A.R. time and they should be reading their A.R. books.  If they choose books from my library at school, they will remain at school. 
    •  When students have completed a book they have read for A.R., they sign up to test on it in the classroom.  They will use their log in information that is on their folder in their binder to do this. 
    •  For every book read and tested on, the amount of words within the book are added to their word count bank.  Mrs. Lewkowski, our school librarian, keeps track of all the students word counts and she determines which dog tag the students receive.  Students are rewarded with these tags at our character assemblies throughout the year.  The more books they read the more dog tags they can collect!
    •    In addition to all of this, I have set an A.R. goal for every student.  It is expected that every students will earn at least points during the first quarter.  Every A.R. book has a point value.  Most chapter books have a point value of at least 1 point.  When students take the test they will earn a percentage of that point based on what they scored on their test.  For example, if the test has 10 questions and the student got 9 of them correct they would earn 0.9 of the 1 point.  If they got all 10 questions right they would earn a full point.   
    • Students will also keep track of their points throughout the year on a check-off sheet that is in their binders.  Students will be able to use their sheet to sign the autograph board that is in our classroom as they earn points! 

    If you have any questions about A.R. please contact me!



    Please click here to see your child's progress.  Contact me if you need your child's user name and password! 
    Want to know a level of a book you have at home?  Click here! http://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx





Last Modified on July 20, 2018