• College entrance requirements

    • College application deadlines

    • Financial aid deadlines

    • Scholarship options

    • College majors, and

    • Community College options


    • Update your personal portfolio throughout the school year

    • Finalize your personal goals

    • Finalize and update your activities resume

    -          Include clubs, sports, community service & jobs you have had

    • Finalize the “Letter of Recommendation” request forms




    • Prepare for the SAT/ACT. (Prep resources: www.khanacademy.org or CUSD Community Education prep- courses)

    • Craft/formalize college essays - ask family, friends and teachers to review your writing

    • Request Letters of Recommendation early, forms are online or in the Career Center/Counseling Office

    • Research/Track admissions timelines

    • Attend college fairs

    • Apply for first choice and backup colleges

    • Apply for scholarships

    • Volunteer, work part-time or intern

    • Meet with your school counselor for credit checks



    • Register for the fall SAT/ACT tests

    • Make a plan for meeting application deadlines

    • Request/Track letters of recommendation from teachers, supervisors, coaches or volunteer coordinators

    • Continue to apply for scholarships


    • Take the SAT/ACT again if needed

    • Visit college campuses during fall break

    • Continue to apply to colleges

    • Start/Complete FAFSA


    • Continue to apply for scholarships

    • Continue to apply to colleges



    • Review college acceptance decisions and finalize your college choice

    • Notify your selected school by sending letter of commitment and submitting a deposit check

    • Review any financial aid packages and scholarship awards with your parents

    • Study for AP/IB Exams

    • Apply to Community College if that is your chosen path

    • Take the Community College placement test if needed


    • Take AP/IB; exams

    • Send thank you notes to people who wrote letters of recommendation


    • Inform your school counselor of any earned scholarships

    • Inform your school counselor about your final postsecondary plan

    • Register for college courses


    • Participate in any summer orientation program available at your school of choice

    • Finalize financial aid arrangements

    • Get ready to start college in the fall!