• Economics -
    This quarter we will be covering just the very basics of the study of Economics. 

    The study of economics is the study of making choices amidst scarcity. Economics is the study of why a selection was taken from the various choices or opportunities available – trade-offs. Economics seeks to explain the rational for making that particular selection, and then an examination of the resulting consequences of the decision.

    Topics we will cover: What is economics? What is Capitalism? Supply and Demand. Price. Economics of the Environment. Trade. The Great Depression and The Great Recession. Personal Finance (How much is enough?). Money and Banking. Is Capitalism Good for the Poor? The Value of an Education.
    Government -

    The point to this class is to get the student to consider, to think, and to reason for themselves so that they come to understand what they believe to be right and why.

    Our study of the government will be guided by a series of essential questions like the following - What is the role of government? What does it mean to be American? Where does this unique American system of government come from? What happens when the Constitution is not followed?

    There is a great deal of political science incorporated into the class. Here are two examples: Abraham Lincoln said that government should not do for the people what the people can do for themselves. So then what can the people not do for themselves? And what are those items that they can do for themselves? Would not the answer to these questions suggest a framework of government?