• Welcome to American/Arizona History!
    Here is a copy of the timeline for the 1st semester of American/Arizona History.   We hope to stay on track but the teacher will have the option of changing things if needed.

    Week One

    Introduction to American/Arizona History

    Week Two

    Research Skills for History

    Week Three

    Primary and Secondary sources, graphs, etc.

    Week Four

    Early Civilizations, Paleo-Indians

    Week Five


    Week Six


    Week Seven

    American Revolution

    Week Eight

    New Nation

    Week Nine


    Week Ten

    Westward Expansion

    Week Eleven

    War of 1812

    Week Twelve

    Lewis and Clark

    Week Thirteen

    Industrial Revolution

    Week Fourteen

    Civil War

    Week Fifteen

    The North

    Week Sixteen

    The South

    Week Seventeen


    Week Eighteen


    Week Nineteen

    Post Civil War

    Week Twenty

    Review for Finals

    Week Twenty-One


    Week Twenty-Two

    Mass Production

    Week Twenty-Three


    Week Twenty-Four

    Civil Rights

    General Disclaimers: Course content may vary from this outline to meet the needs of this particular group.


    Semester Plans for Fall 2013

    American/Arizona History

    Darla Tate