• April 2014
    IB History
    This month we will be starting a unit on the evolution of the Civil Rights Movement durng the 20th century the focus will be on the different groups, leaders, methods, successes and failures of these diverse groups.  Students were assigned a chapter related to this topic and they were also assigned to a group.  Each group will design a power point presentation concerning their topic and write a short 2-3 page paper concerning this topic.  Students will present their power point information to the rest of the class.  Students will be asked to use this information along with their own knowledge of the subject matter to wrote short essays.  The last unit that we will cover prior to the May 14 & 15, 2014 IB exam will be Prescribed subject 3: Communism in Crisis 1976-89.
    Mr. Keith
    IB History Instructor
    United States History