High Frequency Words

    High frequency words will be tested throughout the year. We would like the first 100 sight words to be mastered by the end of second quarter and the first 200 by the end of the school year. Knowing sight words will help your child immensely in reading fluently. Here are some resources for you to practice sight words with your child.
    High Frequency Word Powerpoints
    These are powerpoints that you can view from the website or you can save it to your computer at home. Click 'open' to view from the website or 'save' to save it to your computer.

    Online Resources
    Fry's Word List Activities
    On this website, you can test your child on sight words and get a report. There is also a section for your child to practice spelling sight words and more flashcard type practice.

    Printable Lists
    Here are lists that you can print for your reference or if you would like to make flash cards on index cards to practice at home.

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