There is a $50 Activity Fee for all members of Men’s Choir, Treblemakers, and Chamber Choir.

    If a student is in more than one choir, only one fee is required. Pay this fee to the Bookstore.


    CHS Choir Costume Fees (2019-2020) assessed if costumes, bags, hangers are damaged or lost.

    Students are not required to buy costumes for choir but they must pay a replacement price if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

    Advanced Women

    Black Velvet Top  $35

    Black Sparkle Skirt  $50

    There is an $8 costume cleaning fee for each member of the Advanced Women’s Choir. Pay this in the Bookstore.


    Men’s Choir

    Black Vest  $50

    Red Vest  $65  (Priceless)

    Black Tux Pants  $30

    Black Tux Pants XL  $36

    Red Bow Tie  $8

    Black Bow Tie  $5

    White Tux Shirt  $18

    White Tux Shirt XL  $22



    Long Black Dress  $80

    Long Black Dress XL  $95

    Red Sequin Top  $65

    Black Palazzo Pants  $35

    Black Palazzo Pants XL  $40

    Pearls  $12



    Durable Garment Hangers  $5

    Black Garment Bag (Reg.)  $5